Projects strategy and management: a portfolio view

We provide services that derive from a broad concept of business driven Project Management. This has led to our particular expertise in the field of Portfolio Management.

Our service is made particularly effective through the strong focus upon the business purpose of these activities, which provides the reference for key questions of function and risk.

Portfolio Management

Investment for change, efficiency or new products is critical in the modern business environment. Yet most companies struggle with the process. They can take an inordinate time to agree which projects form the “best mix” to achieve their objectives. Time is lost disagreeing about key decisions and debating interminably over the quality of data or balance of priorities. There have been significant advances in disciplines such as Project Management to ensure that activities are undertaken efficiently but less progress towards more effective ways to decide, in the first place, which projects should be undertaken.


Project Assurance

Project Assurance is the term describing the approach to control by the client of a number of projects typically contracted out. It has become necessary as project considerations have tended to be centred on the issues of the management of an individual project or very similar projects sharing the same resource pool.