Portfolio Management of 
the Investment in Projects

We will help your organisation to optimise the return from your investment in projects through an innovative and market-leading approach to the Portfolio Management of Business Investments. 

Our approach is unique. We avoid many of the pitfalls of more traditional approaches. Instead, we provide a powerful and sophisticated technique of Balanced Optimisation to enable your organisation to more effectively and easily:

Explore with us Portfolio Management and the Promantic™ analytical approach to Balanced Optimisation.

We will work with you to develop and implement a powerful process for optimising your investment in projects that is designed to suit your own particular business needs.

Research suggests that 35% to 50% of all investment is directed to unsuccessful projects and that about 30% of project investment by public companies destroys value!

Through our Balanced Optimisation approach you can improve with:

Our Promantic™ analytical approach has yielded an increase in return on investment of over 15% …and the ability to prepare or revise a programme in hours or days rather than the weeks or months that are more typical.