Outstanding success in Portfolio Management

We have achieved some outstanding successes with our new approach to Portfolio Management and our business consulting capability. A selection are detailed below:



Development of an improved Clinical Trials management approach. Included was a powerful Business Assessment process for Stage 4 clinical trials. This entailed clear estimates for business value and a comprehensive risk assessment. A team based concept yielded significant benefits of quality and acceptance.

Power generation

A UK nuclear power generator required that multiple and complex projects to decommisson 10 power stations around the UK be optimised at each power station. They also required that optimised project portfolio information could be rolled-up to provide a complete view of the organisation’s portfolio of project investments and the further capability to optimise the portfolio across all 10 stations.


Mobile telecommunications

A new enterprise management system, SAP, was to be introduced, requiring a formal Investment Management process. The new process improved value for money in the new demanding business environment, with better investment decisions, clear authority and better project proposals.



For a 10 year programme of 3,000 engineering and systems projects and investment of £750 million pa, application of our Promantic™ Balanced Optimisation technique improved the estimated total value by over 15%. This programme was planned, optimised and approved in a few weeks, entailing far less contention, revision and management time than previously. The use of sound estimates of project benefits, and their impact on safety, became accepted best practice and the basis for all future project investment decisions.


Financial services

This bank was trying to tackle complex planning problems such as the balance between clear financial benefits versus service quality and business risk, as well as restrictions on available funds and resources. Using traditional planning approaches, it had taken up to nine months to agree the last annual programme! With our Promantic™ Balanced Optimisation approach, the programme was optimised and agreed upon in weeks to the satisfaction and relief of the parties involved.